My flight did not happen, what do I do?

You will receive an automatic SMS and email if the pilot cancels the flight on the system. If the pilot has told you that the flight has been cancelled but you have not received this notification please let us know by emailing

To cancel a flight yourself, log in to your Wingly account and click on 'My flights' in the top toolbar and select 'Bookings' from the drop-down menu. Then on your flight booking click on 'View Details'. Scroll down to the 'Cancel flight' button on the right-hand side. Your refund will then be processed and back in your account within 48 hours. If you paid using a Gift Card, the amount will simply be refunded back onto the voucher.

Important: After the flight's execution date, you will receive an automatic email to confirm if your flight happened. If the flight did not go ahead, please ensure to click on the link and notify us about the flight not taking place within 48 hours of the flight date to receive a full refund.
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