Is there any legal information to know about the passenger referral program?

The Wingly referral programme allows both passenger and pilot members to earn credit which can be used to book a flight. In order to participate, passengers and pilots have to accept the terms and conditions of the Wingly referral programme detailed below.

How to benefit from the Wingly referral programme?

Both passengers and pilots can become referrers. To do this, they must retrieve their referral link on the Wingly platform and share it with people interested in Wingly. When one of these people registers on the platform as a passenger and creates or books their first flight, the referrers' Wingly account is credited with £15 which can be used to book a flight.

This £15 credit is only granted if the flight booked by the referrer is carried out. A booking does not therefore include the credit payment until the flight has taken place.

The receiver will be granted £10 of credit upon registration via the sponsorship link sent by their referrer. This £10 credit can be used to book flights. If the new user then becomes a referrer, this £10 credit will be added to any credits earned through their own referrals.

The referred member can only register via one referral link. However, a referrer can refer as many people as they would like to.

The maximum credit that can be granted to a member of the referral programme is £1500.

The available credit on an account cannot be exchanged for real money. It also cannot be transferred from one Wingly account to another. One is also not able to gather credit from different Wingly accounts.


The use of credit

Any credit earnt thanks to the Wingly referral programme can only be used on the Wingly platform. It can also be converted into a voucher which will be valid for a year. These vouchers can only be used to book a flight, and only on the Wingly platform. It's not possible to exchange these vouchers for money. Any pending vouchers on a Wingly account can't be transferred from one account to another.


Sharing referral links

Referral links may not be shared on websites, blogs or be spread around in bulk via automated systems (for example, mass emailing, chatbot, pop-ups). Referral links should also not be shared on paid advertisements.


Evolution of the Wingly referral programme

Wingly may suspend or terminate the referral program at any time. Depending on the situation, such a decision could be applied to either one member of the program or to all members of the referral program.

Wingly reserves the right to update the conditions of its sponsorship program at any time. No notice will be given and the conditions will be updated on

Changes to the conditions of the referral program take effect upon their publication. When the conditions of the referral program are changed, a member who continues to use the program accepts the new conditions, by tacit agreement.

If you have any problems, we encourage you to contact us directly at or by phone on +447724423219. We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30 (GMT). Outside of these hours, a member of our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.
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