Is it legal for a pilot to share costs using Wingly?

Flight sharing is approved by the European regulation CE 965/2012 article 6.4.a for flights carried out in non complex aircraft, carrying no more than 6 people, with the pilot included.

Wingly is a signatory to the EASA Safe Carriage Sharing Charter on the safety of non-commercial light aviation flights. This charter was created in cooperation with the European Aviation Safety Agency in order to promote a safe culture. By signing this charter, Wingly aims to work to its principles, responsibilities and values.

Flight sharing has been recognised by the DGAC and the sharing of costs is supported by the FFA.

The EASA ruling authorises an unequal sharing of the costs between the pilot and the passengers whereas Wingly respect and demands an equal share between the two parties.

Flights carried out in the context of co-sponsorship or the Sharing of Extended Costs cannot be a form of public air transport provided that the pilot contributes to the costs of the flight and does not generate any profit. These flights are carried out privately under a clear legal framework defined by European regulations.

The regulations also authorise private pilots to advertise and promote the flights offered on Wingly. Just as Wingly is authorised to advertise all the flights available on the platform.

Non-complex aircraft: aircraft weighing less than 5.7 tonnes allowed to be operated by a single pilot. All pistons and bi-pistons weighing less than 5.7 t are non-complex, as are the mono-turbines (TBM, PC12, etc.). But bi-turbines and all aircraft with reactors are complex.

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