How will my aircraft perform on Wingly?

Wingly is the perfect way to share your passion for aviation with others, but it also presents the opportunity to significantly decrease your hourly expenses and maximise usage of your aircraft in the process. Pilots often ask us how well their aircraft will perform on Wingly; take a look below for some examples of how you could save:

PA-28 Warrior / C172 Skyhawk

Here we have two quintessential Wingly workhorses! Thanks to their reasonable hourly costs and additional passenger seats, these aircraft tend to see plenty of action on our platform. Favourites among students and experienced pilots alike, both are well suited to sightseeing flights and excursions around the country, or even abroad. Passengers often choose to book in couples and with average hourly rental prices ranging from about £150 to £180, you can expect to pay around ⅓ of your hourly costs (≈ £55) when flying with us.

Cirrus SR-22

The Cirrus presents a more luxurious aircraft option for Wingly passengers and has amassed a cult following on the platform thanks to its comfort and style. Despite higher rental costs, we find that passengers are more than happy to pay a premium in order to enjoy ‘the Cirrus experience’. Good for sightseeing and particularly great for excursion flights, you can expect to pay around ⅓ of your hourly rate when flying with us.

Robinson R44 / R22

If you plan on flying your Robinson with Wingly, you are in luck! These helis are stars of our platform due to their panoramic windows, their low-level sightseeing capabilities and their executive appeal. These aircraft garner a great response from our passengers, meaning that sharing your passion for rotary-wing flight has never been easier.

With R22 rentals sitting at around £300 per hour, you can expect to pay just £150 per hour when flying alongside a Wingly passenger. The R44 sits at around £450 per hour, but with the capacity to fly couples you will often see your hourly costs falling by ⅔ to around £150 as well!

Diamond DA-42

For IFR pilots and those who are looking to travel longer distances. What better option could you choose than the sleek and modern DA-42? Fuel efficient, fast and reliable, these make for perfect touring aircraft and are an attractive option to first-time passengers and enthusiasts alike. With rental prices sitting at around £450 per hour, you can expect to see your hourly costs drop to around £150 when flying with two Wingly passengers.

Unique and historic aircraft

Our passenger base comprises both first-time flyers and enthusiasts alike, with regular requests to our team for flights in rare or vintage aircraft. To passengers who already have a passion for aviation, or perhaps a few hours in the sky themselves, Wingly presents the unprecedented opportunity to experience a flight in the aircraft of their dreams, meaning consistent cost-saving for you, plus the chance to share your aircraft with someone who will truly value the experience.

How can I add my aircraft to Wingly?

Once you have created an account, simply follow the steps below to add an aircraft:

Choose 'cockpit' in the top-right hand corner of your account, followed by 'aircraft' from the dropdown menu
Click to add an aircraft
Input your aircraft's brand, followed by the model. Choose the most relevant option from the dropdown menu
Select who owns the aircraft
Input any additional info about your aircraft. 'Hourly costs' can cover rental fees, or hourly fuel + oil costs if you own the aircraft
Upload images of your aircraft. The more high-quality photos the better! Please ensure that you have the rights to use these if you haven't taken them yourself
Finally, check over your details and don't forget to click 'Add an aircraft' to save your preferences!
My aircraft isn’t listed above, can I still use it on Wingly?

The short answer is: It depends, but likely yes!

CAA regulations state that flights can be shared by up to a maximum of 6 persons in any motor-power aircraft meeting the following requirements:


A maximum certificated take-off mass below 5,700 kg

A maximum passenger seating configuration of 19 or less

Certificated for operation by a single pilot

Equipped with piston engines or with a single turboprop engine


A maximum take-off mass below 3,175 kg

A maximum passenger seating configuration of 9 or less

Certificated for operation by a single pilot

Note: If your aircraft does not meet these requirements, but you would still like to discuss hosting your flights with Wingly, please refer to our contact page for commercial operators

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at or by phone on +447708405306. We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30
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