How does Wingly work?

The Wingly process can be split up into several steps:
A pilot signs up, uploads all the relevant documents, registers an aircraft to the platform and creates a flight

Registering an aircraft

Creating a sightseeing flight

A passenger sees this flight and sends a message to the pilot enquiring as to when the pilot intends on flying. Once a date and time has been arranged, the passenger will send a booking request to the pilot and pay for the flight.
If a pilot can do this flight on the proposed date and time, they will accept the request, or, if not they can propose up to five alternative dates, or cancel this (if the latter happens the passenger will be refunded automatically within 48 hours).
Assuming no last minute issues allow the flight to go ahead, the pilot and passenger(s) will meet up at least half an hour prior to the flight to both go over this and allow the pilot to get to know the passenger. If the pilot has any last minute concerns they are completely free to cancel the flight at the last minute or postpone this to a later date.
Once the flight has occurred the pilot logs into their profile and clicks a button confirming that the flight took place, they will then receive the passenger’s share of the flight costs within 48 hours of doing so.

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