How do I add an aircraft?

Once you have created your Wingly pilot's account, the next step is to start thinking about posting flights, and becoming active. In order to do this, you must register an aircraft.

1. Log into your Wingly pilot profile

Once on the Wingly website, log into your pilot profile as you normally would.

2. Once logged in, go into the aircraft section of your cockpit

In the top right of your screen, you will see a list of options, all of which are useful to you as a pilot. In this case, if you select the "cockpit" option, followed by "aircraft", you will be directed to the adding aircraft section.

3. Add your first aircraft

Assuming you haven't already added an aircraft, you will be shown the page above. Click "Add an aircraft" to begin the process.

4. Select your aircraft

At this point, you will be able to select the brand of your aircraft, the majority of which will already be on the system, so it should be a case of you selecting from a drop down list.

n.b. If the aircraft you are trying to add is not on the list, be sure to contact us at

5. Select the owner of the aircraft

The next step is to select who owns the aircraft from the options on the drop down list.

6. Add the additional required information

Here, it is important to add accurate information about the registration of the aircraft, the number of seats, the cost per hour and the number of hours flown on the type. This information will be visible on your profile and is also useful for passengers.

7. Add photo(s) of the aircraft

All that is required here is a photo of the aircraft that you are adding. Click "Upload image" and you will simply need to drag or upload the file.

8. Review all of the details, then add the aircraft

Finally, you will need to review the details you've added to ensure that they are all correct. Once you are happy, you are ready to add your first aircraft!

9. See the result in your list of aircraft

You will now have a list of aircraft in your cockpit. You can add more than one aircraft, just remember that each flight on Wingly needs to be carried out in the aircraft to which the flight is registered.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at or by phone on +447708405306. We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30.
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